Instead of competition

There is a lot more collaboration that goes on in the animal world than we would maybe like to admit.

Among the bonobos, females dominate males socially. Reinforced by frequent mutual sexual stimulation, their same-sex bonds form the core of bonobo social organization. Males are not excluded from these affections; bonobos of both sexes engage in sexual encounters with males and females alike.

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Gustav Klimt's The Kiss 1908

Gustav Klimt's The Kiss 1908

I was inspired by this iconic painting as I created my image of affectionate bonobos.

painting of two bonobos kissing

Gwenn Seemel
The kiss (Bonobo)
acrylic on panel
10 x 10 inches
(detail below)

painting of two bonobos kissing

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Gwenn Seemel is a French-American artist who blogs bilingually.


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