Instilling Healthy Hygiene Habits (Study)

How many times do we have to tell our kids to wash their hands? And, as much as we explain why it's important for them to do it, do they sometimes still try to get out of doing it?

As parents, not only do we have to continue to engage with our children on healthy habits including reminding them to wash hands regularly, as many as five times a day, but we, as their role models, have to exhibit these very same behaviors for them to follow suit.

Hygiene habits are a global issue. We all can benefit from a reminder on what to do to help keep germs at bay.

Fortunately, as part of my job doing public and media relations on health care topics, I have been given the opportunity to help share this important news with you so we can be armed with the knowledge and know how to take action to be healthy and raise our kids to practice healthy habits and behaviors as well to reduce exposure to germs.
A survey of over 12,000 people in 12 countries was conducted as part of The Lysol® HABIT Study (Hygiene: Attitudes, Behavior, Insight and Traits). The results of this study were recently announced and valuable tips and insights are avaialble on my site at Mommy's Point of View.

The link to the story including tips and the study results is below:  

Let’s continue to help keep our kids healthy and guide them to establish proper health habits for them to grow with.

Hope you find this information helpful. 

Caren Begun

Mommy's Point of View


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