Internet Dating Etiquette?

It is hard enough to date after 50, harder still to admit your major resource is the internet, and it is worsens as I navigate the playing field.  While I have met many, many nice men (internet dating never ended up being as scary and frought with monsters as I first thought) it is one of the more frustrating experiences I face in my life.  Eventually, I have learned that I can only take so much of internet dating at a time and tend to sign on and off sights with breaks in between my efforts.
For some reason using the internet to date has developed some really inexplicable manners.  While I'd love to make this sound like it is the men - I do hear from men that women do the same things to them.  Regardless, I don't get why:
1) Someone writes you and after you respond they don't write back.
2) Someone adds you as a favorite but never contacts you.
3) After sending correspondence back and forth it ends without explanation.
4) If we are all on here looking - why isn't contact being sought out and made?
5) Age matters so much to some men and they always want someone younger than you.  Go figure when most women look far better than men.
6) Someone asks for your phone number and never calls or writes again.
7) You get a call, have a good conversation, but they never return your next call or contact you again.
8) After correspondence ended without explanation, an message comes from them months later.  (This is really not a way that would re-solicit my interest.  Disappearing is a bad omen.)
The way I see it, everyone I look at has potential.  Gotta take a chance or it may not happen.  Certainly doesn't happen if I just wait for someone to find me so I do most of the contacting, or I'd hardly get a chance to date.  I have learned not to take any of it personally because that is more investment than the situation deserves.  It has become a matter to survival to be callus.  Hey - these aren't friends, or friends of friends - they essentially are pictures and sales pitches which is more than likely the reason the rudeness of internet dating has developed.

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