Interview with Deaf Chef Paul Hansen Cook Book Author!

Hello dear readers!
I have been looking forward to this interview for quite some time, Chef Paul Hansen.  Paul is the first Deaf Chef to write an entire Cook Book aptly titled'See Me, Hear Me, Cookin' & Grillin' 
Deaf Chef Paul has been Cookin' & Grillin' for 25 years and has learned that working with fresh ingredients is best.  Chef Paul has inspired me to create more recipes and to work my on my fan page, my blog and expand my cooking horizons.  I am proud to call Chef Paul a friend in the cooking world and hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did doing it!
If you are interested in purchasing Paul's book:
  • Tell readers a little about yourself
 I am known as Deaf Chef Paul Hansen. I was born & raised in Chicago with hearing. I lost my hearing at the age of 5 due to sickness. But what I can say is that I am proud to be Deaf which gave me extra motivation to prove to everyone that being Deaf does not stop me from achieving my dream in anything I pursue in Life.
 I am a proud graduate of Triton College with a Culinary Arts degree. During my career in the hospitality industry, I have gained vast amount of knowledge of different foods, preparing, cooking, grilling, braising, frying, poaching, and steaming. Many Chefs that I have worked under have taught me many different cuisines from around the world and I can proudly say that I have gained vast amount of experience from every Chefs. They have learned to be very patience with me because they saw my talents that I can learn fast. One Chef told me this "You don't need ears to cook, all you need is eyes & good taste buds!!!!" How true was that.
 I worked at few different hotels across the USA. The company I worked for bought many properties and they clean house. Managements were brought in from different hotels to be part of task force to implement company policies and training staffs. I was part of that and it was a great experience since it gave me vast knowledge of managing and cutting staffs, implementing new menus and train staffs. It was a big challenge to learn different regions and different cuisines.
 Today I am an Author/Chef with aspirations to do cooking shows & traveling to meet people.
  • What influenced you to take up this profession?
 The biggest influential persons in my life as a child growing up were my Grandmother & Aunt Judy. They were always baking & cooking homemade meals from scratch and I would stand and watch them. Sometimes I would help them do some preparations and help them put foods together. When the family sat down to eat, it was awesome to hear everyone say how delicious the foods were and I can never forget the big smile my Gramma had. Plus I have few family members who are in the Culinary field so I can say that it is in the Hansen Blood.
 I have always had the passion to cook & bake while growing up. When I graduated from high school in 1986, I worked in bakery, construction and auto body which was fun, but my HEART was tugging & telling me that this was not for me. During my years in college studying culinary arts, I felt like I was in heaven, right there and then, I knew I belonged in the Kitchen. So here I am today as a Deaf Chef Paul Hansen & proud of it. 

  • Which are your favorite cuisines?
 There are many and I can't fathom to name them all. But if you want to know one particular cuisine, then I would say it's Mediterranean. My experience over 25 years has been focused on Mediterranean Foods with other cuisines mixed in. I have tasted and cooked just about everything.

  • What inspires you?
 Serving great foods & seeing happy faces. I am not a happy Chef until everyone has a Happy Belly!!!!!

  • What is your typical day like?
 My typical day varies everyday. I don't have a routine that I follow, just go with the flow whatever the day offers me. Now a days, I work on recipes for my next up-coming books, working on my fan page @ Deaf Chef Paul Hansen and chatting with my Foodie Fans. Once in a while I make appearances to meet my cookbook fans & sign autographs. 

  • What are some of your favorite "eateries?"
 Wow, I have few of them, but my all-time favorite was, Jonathon's Seafood, formerly located in the Hancock Building in Chicago. Now a days, my favorite is Eat @ Joe's Crab shack when I am in the mood. When I went on a vacation in Florida, I went to JB's Fishcamp in New Smyrna, wow that was a great place to eat & drink.
  • Who's work do you love in Culinary world and why?
  Bobby Flay & Mario Batali, My cooking style is just like theirs. Simple flavorful foods.

  • Any last words?
 Right now I am currently an Author of a cookbook "Sear Me Hear Me" and it can be purchased online at Barnes and Noble. Life is short so eat well & enjoy Cookin' & Grillin' great foods!!!!!!!!!!! Also if interested in joining my fan page @ Deaf Chef Paul Hansen,  just click like and have fun chatting with me about various topics of  foods, tips of day, recipes, or answer/questions with the Deaf Chef. 

Thanks to Kym Bozarth for the interview and you are the BEST!!!!! 


(feeds about 3 -4 people)
• 2 lb. thick chuck roast 
• 3 oz. soy sauce
• 2 tbsp. dark brown sugar
• 2 tbsp. bourbon (any bourbon will do)
• 1/2 lemon (juiced)
• 1/4 tbsp. ginger (prefer fresh, but can use dry ginger)
• 4 cloves garlic (chopped)
• 2 oz. water
Mix all above ingredients well and pour over chuck roast. Let sit in refrigerator overnight and then in 
morning, turn chuck roast over to marinate the other side. 
Heat the marinade in a small pot on med-high heat till it boils and then reduce to simmer while roast 
is being grilled. 
Pre-heat grill on high, put chuck roast on grill. Let it char broil (semi-burnt) for better flavor. 
Continue turning meat over and cook till it reaches your desired temperature. Set aside and let rest 
for 10 min. Slice into 1/2" thick slices and pour marinade over beef.
This recipe has been an all time favorite of the Sullivan Clan for decades!!!! Every year, my close 
friends and I go on a guys weekend at Capt. John L. Sullivan's house for fishing, grilling, cigar 
smoking, and relaxing trip, this is the roast we always have on a Saturday night. Cooked and prepared 
by Capt. John. This beef has tremendous amount of flavors in it that you will want a whole piece 
for your self and would not be willing to share with others. This can be served alone or with a side 
of baked potatoes and grilled asparagus and yet don't forget, must have a great cocktail with it, 
Crown Royal and coke on crushed ice with lime (or whatever you love to drink) Ahhhhhh that is one 
refreshing dinner!!! Try it and I promise you that you will love it and make it a tradition to do it every 
time you have a special occasion with friends or families. 
Hint: If you want to make double the amount of beef, just make sure you double the liquid marinade.



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