Deaf in the Kitchen Interview 1.31.13 AN INTERVIEW WITH PAM GROTH, HOME COOK Hello Deaf in the Kitchen Readers. I would like to Introduce you to Pam Groth! Pam is a Home Cook, a food blogger and organizer of Deaf Positive Attitude Health Workshops in Ohio. D-PAH focuses on learning to eat healthy, developing a healthier eating plan, empowerment, workshops and support for the Deaf Community. Body Positive and Eating Well! If you would like to be interviewed on Deaf in the Kitchen please contact me at: email 1. In a couple of sentences, tell us who you are and why you cook. My name is Pam Groth and I am a CODA - Child of Deaf Adult. My parents passed away at such early ages because of their unhealthy lifestyles. My love for cooking comes from years of research on healthy food choices. I am a Type II Diabetic and I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 22 years. The nutrition/food research helped me learn how to cook healthier because my health depended on it as well as turning my bad unhealthy food habits into better food choices. 2. Describe your cooking style in three words. Keeping it Simple 3. How did you learn to cook? A lot of trials and error, watching the food channel and devouring every cookbook there is. I have over 300 cookbooks. 4. Favorite cookbook (or online recipe source) of all time, or just of the moment? This is a tough one since I am a researcher, I think my favorite cookbook comes from Mollie Katzen "Moosewood Collection - The Enchanted Broccoli Forest" - this is where I build up my ideas and try out new recipes. 5. What is one dish on your menu this week that you’re excited about? Garbanzo Bread Soup 6. What is one thing that must be in your pantry at all times? Sweet Potatoes 7. What one kitchen gadget could you not live without? Food Processor 8. It’s 6 p.m., the people in your household are hungry and you just walked in from work and need to get something satisfying on the table as soon as possible. What’s your favorite thing to whip up in this situation? I do a lot of sweet potatoes and black beans. Something fast and simple I typically make Sweet Potato Black Bean Hash with cornbread. 9. It’s a snowy Sunday, you've just done the grocery shopping and have the rest of the day to spend in the kitchen cooking a meal that will bring comfort. What’s for dinner? I like to keep things pretty simple because I am a very busy person with my new organization Deaf Positive Attitude Health. My biggest thing I love is soup and salads with crusty whole grain bread. My all time favorite is Split Green and Yellow Pea soup with a mixed greens dressed in a light vinaigrette. 10. What is your favorite dish to make for pot-luck dinners? Tribute Salad this salad is such a huge hit at potlucks. I never have anything left! 11. Do you have a favorite food source (this could be a farm, a grocery store, an experience like pick-your-own berries or a maker of specialty food products) in your local area? I am known for checking out 3 or 4 markets at at time. I shop at Trader Joe's for the nuts, seeds, some vegetables, and my biggest addiction is coffee! Whole Food when my budget allows it for the organic whole grains, vegetables, fruits, Giant Eagle Market place - they have a pretty awesome bulk section good deals on quinoa, dried beans, organic popcorn seeds, and Krogers seems to have a great selection on fresh herbs and organic spring mix blends, baby organic spinach, sweet potatoes etc. Summer time is the best ever, farmer markets rules! Endless fruits and vegetables, herbs, baked goods, yum! For more information about Pam Groth and Deaf Positive Attitude Heath please visit: SimplyHealthyCooking DeafPositiveAttitudeHealth


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