March 25, Lk. 1:26-38,  Ida B. Wells, "Intimacy" Annunciation of the Lord

Veganism is, I’ve found, a litmus test of religious teachings and religious teachers. To the degree that religious teachings do not explicitly encourage veganism, which is the practice of nonviolence and lovingkindness, to that same degree these teachings are hypocritical and disconnected from their spiritual source. Dr. Will Tuttle

As we mov einto Spring the Church centers the the faith into moving from darkness to light into placing the Annunciation at the Spring Equinox.  Dr. Will Tuttle expresses the same life giving force in veganism, and last night we  heard Face Book described as the worst form of "crack",  in that people become so addicted, so self-centered they lose sight of what is meaningful.

Last night as we walked Polk, talked and handed out food, we saw another form of "crack" in the lives of people--it to is addicted, makes a person self-centered and lose sight of what is meaningful.

Lent calls us to become connected to our Source of Being and to move into being a presence and witness to those who are so self-enclosed, so cut off with themselves. We are called to walk with others in order that they might have the life giving of Equinox of Christ. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


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