Intimidations' Mask

This last week I have learned much from watching myself respond or not, to people who were, shall we say, not in their best grounded state of being. I am being extremely diplomatic , in describing them; where in the comfort of my own home, I have let my mouth wander...I don't get intimidated easily, in fact one of the things I have learned in my business is, that money, power, influence are nothing to someone who is hurting or struggling, and we all feel things that are painful. Vulnerability holds no affluence, it taps us all on the shoulder asking for some ~real. Some raw. Some depth of soul~ it's our call to choose or not, to grow or stay stuck, to feel or to block.

However, sometimes there are a series of days or weeks where it just seems like, well, we are being tested by a force of great strength and sick humor. Some days, we may have to go look in the mirror to make sure we don't have words written on our forehead that would prompt the lil nasties from others. Some days, we all encounter some folks who are just jerks. This week, I saw a few. Today I am releasing them.

I have watched as someone tried to sick her husband on me and try intimidation tactics for me to lower my rate. I have had another man, who failed to pay attention to EST/PST time zones in his confirmation email, and decide to argue his ignorance after calling late for his appointment and thinking he was just going to impose upon me and my next client. As he was continuing to argue his ignorance and demanding, yes demanding.. yeah~ not gonna happen, dude who truly thinks he is God's gift to Earth.This guy was a piece of work , and if I could tell my client who dates him one thing~ RUN!!! Dear God, run like the wind and don't look back!!!I would, maybe she will pick up on my intuitive ether line of message... I even had a client this week tell me to tell my next appointment that they will have to wait, because she is simply not finished talking to me yet. Really folks? Do you feel a sense of entitlement? Do you really think that you are above anyone else? Or perhaps that someone else may actually be in need, not just want.?? Actually, I felt tested.I felt pushed, nudged, annoyed, and tested. I think they expected this sweet , passive soul, to simply accomodate their ignorance, arrogance, and suedo entitlement, but I did not. I even heard gasps of surprise as I responded to each in kind. To the late EST/PST small mind , you will not get special treatment, nor do you intimidate me, as you now know. You  need to feel a humbled heart . To the woman who asked me to tell my next client they will have to wait, REALLY????? REALLY!!!! To the big bad man of intimidation who wants to try to bully a woman for lower rates~ another tactic, perhaps some soul included, may have worked. I have a 3-4 week waiting list, I will flex when I choose. I decided to stand firm, stay calm, and not budge. I wondered was it astral? Was there some astral planetary conjunction creating an influence of  nasty for folks? I wondered if there was an allergen in the air making others a little more snarky than usual. Then I wondered is it the season....oh dear God , can't we have a bliss filled season this year...please. Is it the weather?Is it that once the thermometer dips below 68 degrees we begin to turn toward crusty instead of toward heart. Do we in our desperation, our fears, try to grasp at the one area to control~Attention? Intimidation is a mask of insecurity, when you realize that , you will never be intimidated again. So I did choose to have compassion for their arrogance,ignorance and insecurity masked as intimidation. I still won't break bread with these folks, I'm just choosing to not give my energy, happy state away on their 'shtuff'...

Energy is contagious. Happy energy lifts the gray out of a room, and allows for sunshine to stream in. Sadness is a heavy energy that is felt deep within, you can actually feel anothers' sadness, it is like an invisible blanket of heaviness. Anger is explosive.Have you ever been in a room where someone who is angry walks in, the entire room and energy changes.You feel the sharp black, explosiveness as a slap across the face. Anger, just as love, is felt, so mindfulness is always appreciated. The state of the World is influx.We are vulnerable and blind to much of the truth those in power, control. This makes for a ripe breeding ground of fear, insecurity, control, and acting out. The only real control any of us have, is the control of our thoughts, actions and the power of our feelings and where we direct them. Control and power are elusive , and subjective to all outside influence.The only thing that can be assured is, what we can control within us, our person,solo. Once we accept our abilities, strengths, weaknesses, then we can either improve upon or accept as is. We control how we respond, react, support or destroy.We control how we process, heal, or live. We,Us, our choice.

I turn toward compassion instead of anger after I shake off the barbs of the day, from others. In my understanding, in my awareness, I see the fears, and I know the desperation, but I don't choose to engage with it.I don't choose to validate the fears of others by feeding into them, nor do I try to blow off the importance of such timely teachings, but I do observe.I do step back.I do allow for the human condition to recognize itself in the mirror and choose, by oneself, to claim a path, a course, a direction for self. 

As we embark on another holiday season, we know all too well how quickly the season passes.We know all too well how close to heaven we feel or how fallen and bruised we have become.We acknowledge the  season through ritual, reflection and gratitude, and may we honor peace on Earth. May we tap into the tried and true traditions of the sacred, and of the miraculous.May we pause a moment this season to see the miracle in life, God in nature, and sons and daughters of God in each soul we touch? May we step aside and allow our Spirit to lead the path, can we take the hand of God and allow our heart to soar.Can we love our neighbor as ourself? Can we love ourself? Can we forgive ourself? Can we be more compassionate? Can we be humble? Can we give unconditionally? Can we have and show empathy? Can we give some more? Can we love? 

May we all walk through the holidays this year with a knowing heart, that we never walk alone.That we are capable of great love, and that we tap into a little more of that heart, and shine the light of God's love out~ let's make it contagious!! Love on~





Lisa M. Zimmer-Mahoney

"Everyone has intuition~ it is simply a matter of trusting your inner voice.Trust self first." ~ as in O magazine


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