Introducing the 10x10 Project! Part of the 10th Anniversary BlogHer Conference Celebration

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Today we're excited to announce a new initiative to celebrate our 10th Anniversary BlogHer '14 Conference, and YOU... since we always have and always will call BlogHer events "the conference the community built"!

We call this new initative The 10x10 Project, and here is the background:

It seems impossible that it already 10 conferences ago that a small, hearty band of us stuffed conference totes in my living room and collected cash at the door for our pre-conference dinner at a Mexican-Italian restaurant in Alviso, CA. (!)


BlogHer '14


Hitting this milestone has certainly made us take a step back and reflect on these past 10 years on the Internet… and make bold predictions about the next 10 years. And we suspect you have a lot of memories, thoughts, wisdom, and even snafus to to share too.

The 10x10 Project aims to bring those reflections and predictions to life online and onsite at BlogHer '14. We want to create a wonderful record of all that we've seen and done, shared (and maybe deleted) together as part of this community.

Here how The 10x10 Project will go down:


10x10 at BlogHer '14:
10 Minutes on 10 Years


BlogHer has been producing the Community Keynote on our main stage since 2008 (look for us to open 2014 submissions soon!), and this year we're going to open up and enhance every single keynote session by selecting and bringing the following community members to the stage to join our usual complement of high-profile keynote speakers. (Who will be this year's President Obama, Martha Stewart, Ree Drummond, or Indra Nooyi? Stay tuned!)

What these community members have in common is that they are representative of so many who have made significant contributions to, had impact on, or been inspired and/or supported as part of the BlogHer community, and as creative citizens of the Internet.

And what each 10x10 speaker will do is share 10 minutes on 10 years. The good, the bad, the hilarious. The past, the future, the NOW. The deep, the inspirational, the can't-believe-I-forgot-about-THAT!

I'm proud to unveil the BlogHer '14 10x10 presenters:

Alexandra RosasBlogger and BlogHer Voice of the Year
Barb DybwadTech blogging pioneer and BlogHer OG
Cynthia Liu: Founder of K-12 News Network, Momocrat and 2011 InnovateHer Award winner
danah boyd: Researcher and BlogHer OG
Deb Rox: BlogHer Voice of the Year, contributing editor and Founder of Queerosphere and Salon LGBTQ
Doug French: BlogHer Voice of the Year and Co-founder of Dad 2.0 Summit
Elise Bauer: Food blogging community leader and BlogHer OG
Luvvie Ajayi: Humorist, Change Agent and BlogHer Fashion Show emcee
Morra Aarons-Mele: BlogHer's first political director, and consultant
Polly Pagenhart: BlogHer Voice of the Year and editor-in-chief of VillageQ
Shannon Des Roches Rosa: Special needs family advocate and activist and BlogHer contributing editor
Stacey Ferguson: Community leader and Co-founder of Blogalicious
Katherine Stone: Founder of Postpartum Progress.


10x10 Online:
10 Things about 10 Years


We can't just wait until July to hear what our 10x10 speakers will say, we want to hear from YOU about how the Internet and your online community has changed, challenged, and charmed you too :)

We'll be rolling out prompts between now and the conference, starting with today's You Know You've Been Blogging Too Long When ... post. We'll be featuring your responses to the prompts in a variety of ways, including creating awesome quote posters, much in the way we recently featured some wise words about NaBloPoMo here.

In the New Year I'm feeling inspired to do a 10x10 Prompt myself... start thinking about your 10 favorite BlogHer conference moments (whether experienced on site or while watching the ever-present Twitter stream). Obviously, I've been to Every. Single. BlogHer event, so I've got some thinking to do. Prom dress-wearing attendees in the swimming pool may make an appearance, just saying.

With the pace of life being ever faster, sometimes it just makes all the sense in the world to step back, take a deep breath, and think about how far you've come -- as well as about what drives you ever-forward. Approaching our 10th Anniversary has certainly made us do that here at BlogHer HQ. We hope the 10x10 Project will be a way we can all do that together!

What do you think?


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