Introducing the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Conference Agenda!

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We've always gone to BlogHer conferences to learn, to connect, to be entertained and inspired. But #BlogHer15 has a new name...and an over-arching theme: Experts Among Us.

#BlogHer 15: Experts Among Us

What does that mean? Well, we're all experts at something. All of us. We start at that defining moment when you realize your passion and start to pursue it. By pursuing your passion, by learning and networking, you start to build your expertise. As an expert, you talk to and learn from people who are like you … and who aren't. And you inspire—and are inspired by—the next generation.

We've crafted the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us agenda meant to help every attendee along this spectrum, with panels and speakers across these four big themes.

Defining moments

When did you realize you needed to pursue your passion? We'll be asking community leaders: "What is your defining moment?" They'll answer in the form of 10x10 Project presentations, 10-minute talks on that topic, throughout the conference.

We'll also give you many ways to help explore and realize your own defining moments at the conference, as well as in the weeks leading up to it—so stay tuned.


No matter how ready (or not) you feel to to take on the mantle of expertise, true experts are lifelong learners. No matter which level you're at, you can always aspire to the next level. So the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us agenda is full of our usual practical and actionable learning sessions. We have tracks on the Visual Web, The Writing Life, and a Social Media Bootcamp. And this year we're adding Business Intensive sessions joining the Geek Bar and Writing Lab as small group learning lounges open throughout the conference. So much content, all designed to help you level up in your expertise.

And because being an expert also requires knowing (and owning) who you are, we designed the You As Brand track to help you build and leverage your expertise for creativity, for leadership, and for economic opportunities.

Learning From Those Different From Us, Connecting With Those Like Us

The intersectionality keynote at BlogHer '14 last year was an incredible exploration of race, feminism, culture, and where it all meets, online and off. It inspired us to bring the theme of intersectionality to the forefront this year. We realize that intersectionality is expressed both in finding our tribes, and in conversations with people unlike us ... conversations that build empathy, then bridges, and ultimately common ground.

The Online Life and Culture track is designed to bring people together to discuss similar interests, ranging from GamerGate to personal storytelling, from funding creative projects to dealing with an audience that thinks you've gone too far.

The Storytelling Builds Bridges: I Want You to Know Me track brings us together to learn to see through another's personal lens. We know that storytelling is a the heart of blogging, and the heart of the BlogHer community. This track will use storytelling to form bonds and broaden perspectives, and we encourage you to come share these stories whether you know how they apply to you or not.

The Next Generation Is Now

In our personal lives, many of us learn from young people every day. But in social media, there aren't many spaces for young people to have their own say. The mission of the SheKnows Hatch initiative online is to provide a place for kids to share their opinions so that adults may learn from it.

At #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us, we'll bring that idea to life through our Hatch Labs. We'll be giving kids the chance for hands-on learning, but providing opportunities for us to learn from them.

We are all experts in something, and we are all potential experts in something else. It's a journey from that defining moment when you begin pursuing your passion, to becoming a leader, to conversing, being inspired, and inspiring the new generation.

That's the amazing thing about the conference: You can be on several steps of this journey at once. You can come in knowing what your thing is and knowing you can do more with it—and leave inspired to pursue new passions, interests, and opportunities.

The #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Advisory Board met last week to help us craft these themes and turn them into a conference that would be inspiring but also actionable. Their leadership turned into this year's program.

SheKnows Media is about women inspiring and empowering women. From the Voices of the Year Keynote to Hatch Labs, from mentorship to leadership, #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us will do just that.

Speakers are being added to agenda in the next week or two and keynotes would be announced as they're finalized. keep checking the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us agenda and stay tuned for more women we're inspired by in the coming weeks!


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