Introducing Bojangles

This is Bojangles.



Some of you may remember him as the obsessive compulsive dog in Give A Dog A Bone, or the dog with the shameful habit in My Dirty Little Secret, and I've even talked about his great adventures at sea in Adventures at Sea, but Bojangles has a special, particular talent that I've never mentioned before.


Besides being a sweet-natured dog with a loving disposition and joyful demeanour, Bojangles is also very fond of music.  In fact, he loves music.  Whenever I sit down at the piano, or Megan picks up her guitar, he comes running to sit next to us with rapt attention.


Which has always been cute.  Until now.


You see, on a whim, Dan decided he would like to learn to play the harmonica.  I'm not really sure why, but he went out and bought himself a harmonica and began to learn to play it.


And that's when I discovered Bojangles has a secret talent.  Apparently, there is just something about a harmonica which just make his little canine heart sing.  Unable to contain himself, he breaks out in chorus whenever Dan gets out his harmonica.



Yup.  My dog can sing!





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