Introducing The Girls Who Read Book Club


How do you choose books to read? We read anything and everything. I majored in English literature and spent my entire life reading classics, which are all great, but most of us have read those. And while classics certainly are full of merit, who doesn't love a fun read? My favorite types of books right now are chick-lit, romance, mystery and anything with a strong girl character. If you have a book you think might be a good fit for us, email me or tweet me your suggestions. If it's a good fit, we'll read your book when there's a free spot on the calendar. (Disclaimer: Because we read new books once a month and because we already have a full calendar, seeing your book on the schedule may take awhile. I also hand select each book based on a variety of standards, so there's a chance you may not see your selection chosen.)

What if I already read the novels you suggest but still want to chat? Of course you're welcome to join us! The more the merrier. Just jump right in!

Do I have to be a girl to join in? Absolutely not! Men have joined this book club, too. Just jump into our discussions online and use the hashtag or use #DontReadAlone.

How often do you read new books? We start a new book every month. Feel free to read them at your own pace. (I'm a slow reader myself!)

Who is the Twitter Party host? @thereallisakerr

Where can I find the hashtag on Twitter? Right here.

Where can I find the list of other book club members? Right here.

How can I get added to the girls who read list on Twitter? Simply send me a tweet and ask! Once I see your tweet, you'll be scheduled to get added to the list.

Join the Twitter list by tweeting to me! Follow "The Girls Who Read" board on Pinterest.
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Lisa Kerr is a California blogger at You can find her on Twitter @thereallisakerr


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