Introducing Myself...

So I've been reading BlogHer for quite a while. Technically I have been a member as well. But I was never a participant.

Then I got the call. Two and half weeks before school was set to start, and I get a call from the principal telling me they have canceled half day kindergarten. Many tears and frantic conversations later, we decided to send Sammy to full day kindergarten at the same school, the school her big sister already attends. The best decision for her, not me.

So now with all of this free time on my hands I am determined more than ever to join this wonderful community known as bloggers. And start participating in BlogHer, especially the food page. My name is Laura and I hope you stop by at and check me out!  

Muffins are for people who don't have the 'nads to order cake for breakfast. --Seth, "Kitchen Confidential" (the show, not the book)


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