Introducing Socks for Smiles

My daughter revealed something huge when we were back to school shopping last year. I let her pick out socks from the big end cap at Target where they are sold in single pairs. This was her first time picking socks from the adult section. Her feet grew from a kid's 2 to a woman's 8 in the 15 months she had been my daughter.

She was so excited to pick out socks! She thanked me profusely.

She said, "I only had white socks when I was in foster care. I love it that you never buy me plain old white socks. I hate them."

I thought about it and realized I never had bought her white socks. 1. I think they are boring. 2. They get gross so easily. I didn't know the wacky, neon socks were part of what helped her feel like a Family Girl!

It really is the little things sometimes...

We're now in our third year as a family. She came to us when she was 9. She'll soon be twelve and is about to enter middle school. She's talked about the socks often.

I understand why she had so many white socks as a foster child. White socks can be cheaply bought in bulk. They are easily bleached. They are also easy to match if you buy all the same type. I'm sure the money and time savings were big selling points to the foster mothers and staff at group homes she lived in.

However, those white socks were just another way she felt different. Her classmates had colorful socks with funky designs and cartoon characters. Her white socks reminded her that she was a "poor foster kid".

And out of this "SOCKS FOR SMILES" has been born! She has a goal of collecting colorful socks and other personal items to distribute to foster children. Visit to learn more.

I am so proud to be her mom!






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