An Introduction To (a few) Second Life BlogHers

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BlogHer '08 in Second Life is starting to take shape with iReport the sponsor of all the sessions and panels and hosting our exhibitor booths and Friday night cocktail party.

So now that details are emerging, you may find yourself wondering exactly what to do in Second Life.

BlogHer in SL volunteer Gidge is giving you a few tips over at her blog Live From The Wang of America,

"One of the FIRST things you'll do when you set up your AVATAR - your character - is pick a name. Second Life gives you a lovely RANGE of last names,and yeah you'll probably find that the surname WRITER is still open to choose.

And there is nothing geeky or weird about picking it, totally pick the last name that you like. But keep in mind.....the name you choose for your FIRST name is going to be what we all call you IN WORLD. So it might seem funny to choose TheBest as your first name and WRITER as your surname......until you get into world and people call you THE, or THEBEST, or worse - with typos - Thebeast.

You follow?

Doesn't have to be your real name but it can be. You like being Jane? So be JANE!

And why does that even matter? Well.....because some people who came last year STAYED! You really won't want to start all OVER with a new avatar once you build one (you might, but most people don't.)

Because there is a lot to do, and it's FREE.

What is there to do? should think of it as a chat room or bulletin board with a pulse - with a fashion sense."

Gidge can be found in Second Life under the avatar name Gidge Uriza. She also contributes to the blog.

Another BlogHer in Second Life volunteer is Vint Falken, blogger and avatar who is currently teaming up with other SL bloggers in asking for your message to Second Life as the virtual world turns 5-years old.

"We feel sometimes we shut people out of important happenings like SL5B, because they don’t speak the right Linden language - English in this case. So here is the call out in a few languages. Feel free to translate and spread the message for messages yourself! (And can we get a copy then? ;))"

Also be sure to check out Mygdala March. Myg's blog is the "sordid, silly, disturbing and sometimes mundane adventures of Mygdala March and company whilst romping through the Second Life metascape" and one of last year's fantastic attendees.

You can register for BlogHer '08 in Second Life here, and find me in Second Life as avatar Queen Tureaud.

If you are having trouble navigating, send me an email and myself or one of our fantastic volunteers will make ourselves available to show you the way!


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