Introduction: In a Nutshell, A Coconut Shell

So, here I am at blog-heaven. Finally establishing a blog that I think I can manage! We shall see...

I have often put people on the spot by asking questions of them that are answerable, but that the askee most probably never thought about. When someone presents an opinion to me, I often will take the opposite or a contrary point of view... whether it is my own opinion or not. The purpose of this is to see how and why this individual feels strongly about a subject. I hope that when someone feels compelled to argue a point that they will examine their opinion, (if not their feelings about and experience around it) to discover the strength, the source and justification for it. This makes for productive arguments. 

Having worked with politicians, small business owners, aspiring journalists, mental health advocates, practitioners and clients, as well as my own four kids (now adults in their thirties) and granddaughters, I find that triggering Thoughts and Emotions is the inaugural and integral instrument for establishing Dialog; Dialog leading to Open Communication; Communication being the key to Understanding; Understanding the foundation of Respect; Respect as a key to and foundation of Ongoing, Enduring and Endearing Relationships. 

I have been referred to as wise, trouble-maker, and even “nutty,” (but that was by my ex-husband, so its credence is debatable. Nevertheless, I wear it well), bohemian, and earth-mother. I am liberal in my politics. With two teachers in the family, two disabled sons, having been on the receiving end of domestic violence, having experienced acute and chronic illnesses, and survived living with four teenagers (and now with two teens for granddaughters)…..  I have completed numerous LifeLessons, processed a lot of intellectual, emotional and spiritual stuff, and therefore acquired both experiential and vicarious “wisdom.” At 57, I am still learning to appreciate the marvelously diverse world in which we live. I am delighted to have this opportunity to share my insights, opinions, and ramblings in the hope that they will trigger ….. something and initiate such “argument.”


Namaste, I honor the spirit of dedication to openness, wellness and respect in and about you all,



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