Introduction to Obsessiveness

Title Vanity a Sign of Economy Strength or Playing a Game Content Recently I have stared into the mirror a little too much, but truly do not think it is vanity just a little obsessive. I found a great facialist who I paid a visit to today for my second facial in 49 years. So, not so high maintenance just trying to stave off father-time.  The plastic surgery office was packed, I could not quite get over the rows  of women waiting in the Botox assembly line for the relief of a few more years.  They all looked ageless and stared at my obvious newcomer ways browsing products, not being known by first name at the counter, and my fascination with their ageless faces.  Hearing my name called I stumbled into the facial room feeling all eyes on me as they rambled on about fillers and lifts while looking at me with pity as they knew I was going into the low income area of the office. After we decided about my treatment for the day I started to ask questions about the money area of the office.  So the chat began about face-lifts, mini face-lifts and that those procedures are the signs of good times ahead.  Once those come back it was explained in a matter of fact way, the doctors can stop worrying...and they are back with a vengance.  The fountain of youth is found via retirement funds, tax returns and yes, not paying your mortgage and waiting for a short-sell.  Playing with monopoly money is the new rich, or at least that is how it is termed in the business of ever-lasting youth.  As my face was vaccummed and plucked, left with a sawdust remnant we talked about the prices, who does what and how easy it is to do too much or start too young. The youngest Botox patient in this office was 16 years old, armed with mother and consent.  In fact they were a tag team that day.  I guess mommy dearest thought it would be a great bonding moment...yes, even the front office, every nurse in the facility and doctors in the building tried turning the young girl away, but mommy is a regular and feisty and knows many other short-sellers!  Not good for a struggling economy!  That round mommy won, at least on that day but the office has put her on high-alert and now with business booming her little doll will have to go somewhere else, if she comes back. Face-lifts are starting at 35 to 40 years of age as regular treatment.  You select from the $3500 machine lift, or the old-fasioned kind...price not given!  These along with the  body sculpting or fat removers is another sign of good times ahead.  There is liposuction and a new process at $900 per small area to freeze your fat and then have it massaged out into your system.  Those ladies must have never taken anatomy or have any common sense as my chuckle became laughter enough to stop my saw-dusting for a moment...yes, it all comes back quickly, but they pay so it is done! Botox and other fillers are as common and inexpensive as facials so they do not predict a sign of change in the economy for this office, just a sign of the times and a natural progression for most of us newbies.  Breast augmentation is always in fashion and most will sell their cars, mortgage their homes or borrow from parents to make it happen, so it is a constant business that does not pay the bills, but the lifts they are the golden ticket and they are booked either with the surgical or non-invasive throughout the summer months.  My head was spinning as the saw-dust was being brushed away.  Vowing to return but only for a facial, I hugged her and thanked her for the mini-lesson on our economic strength...we had a good laugh and I shook my head in dis-belief and saw her do the same. So is vanity the root of our economic strength or just the creation of society.  I go with the latter and like most will pay a certain price to give the allusion of youth, but with the price tags set before me I can certainly attest that for at least now I am happy with the cheap side of the room.  As I paid I stood next to a woman who knew everyone by first name and held a little ice pack on her lips and cheek area.  She happily whipped out her gold card and charged $800 for her experience and happily left with an ice pack and pain.  I felt the office won in this case, but I am sure with the days that go by her mini-lift in her cheeks and her lip injections, as she happily shared with me, will surely at least make her feel younger or do the trick.   I canvassed her face there was not a line and everything moved quite well.   Yes, I am in the land of a great surgeons, a fabulous facialist and products that work with proper training and diligence.  The office is itself a land of the false and a promise of all that is perfect in its architecture and design.  If you have  tons of money or monopoly money it does not matter to this office or those in the surrounding areas of this state, the small businesses of plastic surgery are open and ready for business and it is booming.  The recession is over, in their eyes, cheeks, lips...etc.!

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