Introduction to Our Combined Parental Alienation Mess


I was a young mom, who had 3 small children ( 2 boys- 1 girl ) all under the age of eight when I left their dad.He was a typical charmer,he had a gorgous side of sophistication and was so suave.There was alot more there, but I was to naive to even notice the rest till I grew up.Our relationship started in 1979 and lasted to 1991. I am sure there are a few who had been through some tougher times but this was when my nightmare began.

In November 2,1979...I met him. The so called father to my children,my husband. He- we will call him Tom ,was a bright man or so I thought until I had to ask my father to get him a job at the same company My Dad had been at since it opened. My Dad was a supervisor - Toms supervisor.I was proud to have my husband and my Dad working in the same area of work,which would allow us to live without VERY WRONG.

You see there was a five year age difference..when I got pregnant with my first son,I was 17..He was 22 years old,finally buying us a home but liked to party,drink,drugs and be a bit of a slime bag to me knowing I was at home with our son,while he was partying and meeting up with girls.I was too young to get into the bar,I was considered the baby in our group of friends.I still wanted to continue my life the way it was for my son as I lived mine growing up.I had high hopes and expectations...I was so naive...But it was my First Love..Tom wouldnt do anything to hurt me..He loved me..didnt he I thought.

After a tumultuous relationship with Tom ,I wound up leaving him and going home plus also leaving him and actually getting my own place.I was sad..I was young and fell for his manipulative ways over and over again...We broke up and got back together several times from 1985-1988 and it was as hard on the kids as it was me.Money was tight,bills were crazy plus I had to feed and clothe two kids now because of getting back together on his birthday- again it was short lived.It happened again.His anger,and immaturity with two kids while partying and whooping it up with the girls didnt go well together.

We dated off and on  from 1988 - 1991..The times were when I again got pregnant on his birthday celebration,and we were finally going to try to work it out between us.We had three kids,he wanted to buy another house and settle down so he said...WRONG

As we both worked ,we had hired babysitters to watch the kids and then we became the family again after 5:00pm.I thought things were going well.The kids were growing,we had the complete family.So I thought.We were hiring a Nanny.We could afford that luxury now.I had my courses and I didnt have to worry about the kids too much as their dad was going to be home by 3:30 pm,Monday- Friday.

We tried a few Nannys,one from China,One local,One from the Phillipines,and then Tom decided we could find one local...He made the HIRE choice without me.I didnt know what to think.I hadnt met her .It finally came to day one of her meeting me and the kids and it didnt happen...Why you ask?..Well it seemed Tom already knew her very well..I found out she was a friend from school.Her name was Elizabeth.She was one of my best friends in school.

Little did I know that when I got out of class early and went to admire our beautiful Family Christmas tree,that I would pull what I thought was a red ribboned ornament for the tree between the cushions of my couch ..and was alarmed to see it was underwear.Not my underwear,not the kids underwear,or Toms..It..THEY WERE Elizabeth's.My gut instinct made me ask



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