An Introduction to Pixy and Further Adventures!

Opps!  Help!!It started like this.  I was sitting in my chair in the living room and I looked in the dining room and thought I saw POOP! under the dining room table.  Hubby picked it up and threw it at me and at that moment I decided that I would make her my mascot and show her off now and then.  She transformed from POOP! tossed at me (add a YIKES here) to teeny tiny bear photography mascot for 2012.

So in the last week, we've been a few places.  

heading out and aboutWe went to rainbow for breakfast yesterday, and today we met the kids at the Chancery in Waukesha.  

Gavin and the bearI bet it won't be long before Gavin will hold Pixy.  How I love little babies at three-six months!

She's accompanied me to the laundry room. Laundry Day in Big Bend and neither her or Choey are much help folding wash.Pixy and Cho Cho 

And finally may I say that keeping track of a miniature teddy bear is not easy.  Here is where I found her the other day after being lost for hours.  She was napping on the sofa.  Aye.

lost and foundat this very moment I'm not sure where she is.  Probably hiding under a tissue or something.  Maybe in my purse.  So if you've decided to have a photography mascot this year, let us know!  :)  

#toomuchtimeonmyhands #earworm


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