Introduction // Welcome

Well this is it, the first post of what was a long overdue start to my blog.  For too long fear of the unknown stopped me from doing this. It is a little intimidating, but here we go.  Duc in Altum...into the deep, diving in!....  What I love about "Blogs" is the opportunity to share, relate and be a part of someones life whether you know them or not and it therefore connects you with another- a string, a heartsring. Blogs can remind us of humanity and has the opportunity to unite us in a shared community.  I am not a great writer, I don't always spell things right (thank you spell check!), am grammatically incorrect most of the time and my husband is always kind to point out my improper use of words in incorrect contexts.  So you have been officially warned to read at your own risk. I am putting pride and perfection aside in order to share my heart, life, let others in, be vulnerable, be raw, be real, love, and learn.  We can only be impacted and learn from others if we let them in, I hope to let you 'IN' in order that I too will be let 'IN' to your life so we may grow and learn together how to handle life's adventures. Whatever form posts take on this blog I can only hope that ultimately my musings will create a space for joy, inspiration and love. Welcome. 

We are the Kent Family, nice to meet you.


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