Introductions Are Always The Hardest

I am a sleuth.

My colleagues sometimes call me "Mr. Wolf" because I solve problems.

My mother calls me "the Austistic Whisperer."

I call myself "The Patron Saint of Lost Causes."

My dogs just appreciate it when I feed them on time.

I have worked both sides of the fence, both in psychology and education.  I have worked as an advocate for the educational system and also as an advocate for students.   I have both for and against rules, regulations, integration, and non-integration.  I look at all sides of the coin and attempt to make my decisions based upon one thing:

The individual.

There is no cookie cutter formula to education, mental health, autism and working with dogs.  All of this takes looking at the picture, taking apart the pieces and realizing that when you put them back them together, it's actually bigger than when I started.  There are more opportunities, options and action, and hopefully the child has found improved chances at achieving his or her goals.

The dogs help in two ways.  The first, is they help to engage and relax the child; the second is that they are my refuge, and help me to both start and end my day.


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