I am a mother of 7 children. 

Yes. You read that correctly. I have 7 children, only 1 I did not actually give birth to, but he is all mine. I was married once before, for 7 years and that did not go very well. But I got the first 4 of my children out of it which is a true blessing. Then I ended up getting married to my first love and he had 1 child from his previous marriage and then we had 2 got that? It's hard for me to keep up with at times. 

Let me tell y'all sometimes this can be a mess. It's hard and dirty and complicated. There are times where moms everywhere just throw up their hands and think "Why do I do this again?" And so I would like this blog to be a place for me to vent and for others to benefit from those rants. I know personally if I can learn from others mistakes and experience then that's what I will do, rather than go through it myself. I've got too much to do to run into walls :) 

So, as I said I have 7 children. In this blog I will refer to them as "Thing 1" "Thing 2" "Thing 3" and so on. They are not things I know...but honestly they act like "Thing 1"... :) I will refer to my husband as "Husband" of course. I look at other blogs and see people just putter their life out there and sometimes actually giving out their address...that's not me. 

So please enjoy, I'll try not to offend...and my humor is dry. So bear with me. :)

Thing 1: Girl age 9

Thing 2: Boy age 8

Thing 3: Girl age 6 (7 in a month and a half)

Thing 4: Boy age 5 1/2

Thing 5: Boy age 4

Thing 6: Girl age 18 months

Thing 7: Boy age 6 months

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