Investing in your Pantry

Watching grocery and store ads is a very important must.  Know your prices for things that  you buy weekly or monthly or bi-monthly.  I shop my local grocery store which is Publix - weekly, Walmart - monthly, and bi-weekly I make a trip to my Wholesale Club (should you not belong, a member can give you a temporary membership that he or she may receive through the mail or in the coupon rack at the Club.)

Publix is a great ON BOGOs (buy one get one free) - here I buy ahead the things I know I will eventually need, so they are in my pantry as investments.  Team up with a friend or relative to get started since money is tight to begin with but eventually you will havwe money in your grocery budget left over.

 Walmart can save you on some basics like cereal, dairy items, that may not go on sale often enough at your grocery store.  There is a 8 to 12 week turn around on sales.

Wholesale Club shopping is great for a Pork Loin(boneless) at $1.69 per pound, you can cut your own chops and roasts.  A real deal instead of 3 to 4 dollars per pound already cut.  Chicken - boneless and skinless breasts are 2,50 per pound instead of 4 dollars.  Invest in a Food Saver machine and package for long freezer storage.  Tuesday Mornings has the best price and bags are at Walmart or BJs.  Cheese is also cheaper.

 It will take you an extra 30 minutes a week to cut coupons, getting organized, and learning prices.  You can check prices until they are in your memory.  Keep a notebook if necessary.  Department stores put their merchandise on sale 6 weeks or so after they put it on the rack.  Learn when their big sales are.  Our Dillars has huge sales Black Friday, Jan. 1 and Jan. 30 for your winter items.

Keep all your receipts, if it goes on sale 10 days after purchase, most stores will honor the sale and refund the differenbce.  If you find it cheaper - some home improvement stores will match the price and give you an extra 10% back.

 Electricity is cheaper after 9 PM - time to run dryer and dishwasher.

These are some of your best INVESTMENTS today.

Check my website for more hints which has new tips available weekly and also click on for coupons.


By Esther Flickinger, Bogoqueen



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