Invisible Me

"If I could say, Mrs. Barrett, nobody here believes you're 40," Tyler says, as he hands me an iced tea.  We're settled in at the pool and in a lovely birthday gesture, the girls have hired two sitters to watch the boys poolside so I can sit in a lounge chair.

"Thank you, Tyler," I answer with a smile.  "Did the girls pay you to say that too?"

"Get out of here, gal," Dara says, whipping a towel at me.  "You look fabulous and you know it."

Tyler walks away.  I scan the pool for the boys.  Rex and Hunter are diving in the deep end with a big group of boys.  Grady is playing Legos in the shade under the climber.  The girl assigned to him is sitting nearby reading a magazine.  I've never sat at the pool  I'm thinking I should take a hint from her.

"Does anyone have anything to read?" I ask, turning to find two empty lounge chairs next to me.  Lindsay is on her way down to the deep end of the pool to get her youngest who has yet to pass his deep water test but wants very much to be like Rex, with the older kids.  I don't see Dara anywhere though I'm sure she's off checking on her twins.  This is lovely, but lonely.  

I put my head back, close my eyes and right away, he is there.

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