iPad Mini: a giant joke?


You know how much I am fond of Apple’s products.  I have been talking the last 2 months about the launch of the iPad Mini – knowing it will come without a camera to be aligned with other competitor prices.

So when I received this week Apple’s email about the iPad mini pre-order I got very excited until I opened the link to discover the starting price is $329 for 16GB, $429.00, 32GB and for 64GB  $529.00.  Those prices are for the Wi-Fi system only, if you want the option Wi-Fi + Cellular (connect to the internet over Wi-Fi and fast cellular networks) well the prices are booming. 16GB $459.00, 32GB $559.00 and 64GB $659.00 (all prices are in Australian dollars a little bit higher than the American dollar).

So if I understand you can have an iPad smaller than the orignal one but as much as expensive, seriously this is a joke? Some IT journalists (me included) announced in September this year that the iPad mini will be around the same price range of others tablets, meaning around the $250 mark.

Maybe Apple should stop smoking the carpet? They are offering a smaller product than the iPad but a bit larger than an iPhone 5 expecting people will pay $659.00 for it? And I am sure there are still some Apple’s fans will rush to buy it – my advice to them - before going to an Apple shop or online, take a deep breath, take a pause, sip your favourite coffee/tea and ask yourself: “Is my life will improve with an iPad mini?”

You can buy an iPad2 from $400.00 with 16GB, the new iPad with retina display costs $499 with 16GB and the iPad mini $329.00 (starting price) and of course I don’t list the iPad’s accessories which are all quiet dear.

On my side I have a MacBook Pro 15-inch, an iPhone 5 and I refused to spend $329.00 for an iPad mini – because I need a proper size digital tablet screen to read magazines, browse Internet and watching movies. Let’s be real, it’s GFC and we all keep our money close so I did some homework to see which are the other options out there for tablets, here is the results from Amazon, click on the thumbnails for product features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Price: $99.00

PanDigital 72-70FW

Price: $66.95


Google Android Superpad

Price: $54.00


Blackberry Palybook Tablet

Price: $97.00

Coby Kyros Android

Price: $92.00


Motorola Xoom

Price: $390.00


Kindle Fire HD

Price: $99.00

and the list goes on, it depends of course how and what for you will use your tablet, there are plenty of choices on the market which will fit your needs and your budget, and because Christmas is around the corner I strongly suggest you to do your own research.

On the other hand if you bought an iPad mini, please feel free to leave a comment.

Good hunting

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