iPad vs Netbook: The Battle Wages On

At first I dismissed the iPad as an overgrown iPhone. After all, that's what it looks like. Aside from the fact you can't call anyone from it, it's pretty much an iPhone on steroids.

So I talked to my husband about it a little bit. Since he's the computer genius in the family, he should tell me the difference & help me make a decision right? Well, not exactly. He just told me that a netbook & an iPad are smaller & more portable than laptops & unlike laptops, they weigh less, have a longer battery life & can only do minimal things like surf the net. 

Well, I do have a laptop & I would like to take it to a coffee shop or a park to blog one day, for a change of scenery perhaps. The problem? It's too big & the battery lasts for only two hours max so if I want to blog outside the house it better be quick.

I emailed my husband a list of links to several netbooks & the iPad. His verdict? The netbooks were pretty much the same & the iPad was different in that it runs off a flash drive instead of the hard drive, there's no USB outlet & no keyboard. So me being the undecided one asked him which one I should get. His answer? "Get what you want"

Aggravated, I took it a step further, "If you had to get me one of them as a birthday present, which one would it be?" He replied "The one you wanted!"

Clearly, this was going nowhere fast. So here I was deciding between the two. I picked up the netbook on a trial basis & yes it's slower than my laptop & iMac but that was to be expected. Other than that I was surprised at how long the battery lasted (six hours) My biggest gripe? The screen hurt my eyes. I was only on the netbook for two hours & it felt like I had been on it for eight. To make matters worse, my eyes still hurt during the one hour commute to my bday party yesterday. This is something I've never experienced. Heck, I blogged on the airplane on my tiny iPhone screen and I was okay. My husband told me there's nothing that says the iPad wouldn't make my eyes hurt. He's right but I was thinking that my eyes never hurt with it's little cousin, the iPhone whether I'd be composing an email, writing a blog or having a long Twitterfest. 

I'm really not sure what to do at this point. I'd like to give the iPad a shot as well, it's only fair. Now if the damn thing wasn't so much money, this would be easy. If the iPad came with a keyboard, standard, I would have bought it at the drop of a hat. I don't mean to sound so cheap but let's face it, $60 bucks for a keyboard is pretty ridiculous! That & the keyboard isn't exactly light either. You would think they'd make a lightweight one for the iPad since it serves as a portable device...but then again that would make too much sense. As a fan of Apple products, maybe I'm gravitating towards it? Maybe it's peer pressure (even though none of my friends have it) ? In the end I just want something lightweight with a long battery life so I can blog outside of my home for more than two hours... oh & it can't hurt my eyes either.

I still don't know what to do!





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