The iPad's Appeal in a Multi-Generational Family

My mother still listens to cassette tapes and would gladly play her 8-track tapes if her player still functioned. Yet, she has embraced the iPad. For her, the iPad is primarily a way to check the stock market and manage her e-mail, even when she travels.  E-mail is just a single touch now, making it incredibly easy for her to check multiple accounts at once.  Her partner loves to listen to non-mainstream ethnic music via Pandora, watch news videos on his favorite TV news station , and read his home town online newspaper.  They enjoy the iPad because they don't have to type much to access their content, they don't have to sit in front of the computer to get online and they can use it to stay in touch when they travel or visit.

My son is a technophile and lives and breathes tech. gadgets. Ever since he was old enough to walk, he's been obsessed with remote controls, cell phones, and computer keyboards. He 'geeks out' with the iPad in a major way as he watches YouTube tutorials on 3-D animation software, checks his e-mail, and constantly finds new uses for the voice recording app. and bluetooth connectivity.  If this thing had a camera, he'd go crazy with it!

My husband is not a technophile and would still be listening to cassettes and LPs had it not been for me. He had a hard time understanding why anyone would need an oversized iPod!   Well, now he spends more time with the device than any of us. He watches NFL games on, reads books he purchased on either Amazon or through the iBook store, checks his e-mail, manages his calendar, makes notes in the Notes app. instead of on paper,  and surfs the internet all from the comfort of his recliner or at the breakfast table.

iPad App - Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD

I hardly see the iPad, as its always in use!  However, when I get my hands on it, I use it for all sorts of things. For example, this past Thanksgiving, I used it to cook! Yes, I used the delightful Epicurious app. to find an interesting corn bread recipe and then stood the device right in the kitchen as a ready reference while I baked. The iPad also recently performed as an electronic picture frame. To celebrate the life of a loved one who recently passed, I added all of the photos of the person onto the iPad and displayed the photos at the funeral reception using the Slideshow feature. 

We all use the iPad differently, but we all love it.  Its elegant simplicity makes it approachable and accessible to young and old alike.  The vast array of apps. available for the iPad means that we're constantly discovering new uses for it in our every day lives. 


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