iPhone Apps For Conferences


With Blissdom Canada fast approaching, attendees all across the country are busy planning what to pack in their suitcase. But there's one more thing they should be planning: what to pack on their smartphone. When you're attending any conference, chances are good you'll have a computer or tablet with you a lot of the time. However if you're an iPhone user, you'll have that with you all of the time so it's important to make sure you have all the apps you need to stay connected and share information loaded up before you go.

Here are my must-have iPhone apps for conferences:

  1. A QR Reader: QR codes are everywhere now, and you often find them in unexpected places (including on attendees) so you'll want to have a QR reader handy. I use Qrafter, but there are several free readers in the App Store. Make sure you have one installed.
  2. Bump: Bump is a fun and convenient way to exchange contact information, and a handy alternative to a business card. If you and someone else have the Bump app installed, you simply bump iPhones to exchange electronic info. It's quick and easy, and when you get a group of people bumping phones it's silly fun too. Make sure you fill out your profile before the conference, as it's quite robust.
  3. A Camera App: You'll definitely want a camera app or two handy, especially one with social media integration for micro-blogging the conference. I keep Camera+ in my dock, and also enjoy Instagram and Color; they are all great choices for sharing photos. Even if you pack an actual camera, you can't beat an iPhone app for a spontaneous pic with a social media pal or an impromptu twitpic of your dinner.
  4. FourSquare: A fun way to update your whereabouts on Twitter and Facebook and to find out where other attendees are hanging out. Great for on-the-fly location based networking with other attendees and just plain fun.
  5. Wordpress: If you're a Wordpress blogger, grabbing their free app for iPhone/iPad is a no-brainer. Although quite limited in functionality it's a quick and easy way to update your audience on the fly, or start a draft post when you find yourself with unexpected downtime.
Plus of course you're going to want all your favourite social networking apps for Facebook and Twitter, but I don't need to tell you that :)


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