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I really like shortcuts but I'm a creature of habit so I often find myself frustrated with shortcuts because they actually take longer than doing something the long way or going the long way. Me? I'm a complicated woman and you're sorry you don't live with me, or work with me, aren't you? Because I know this about myself, I can be slow to try shortcuts because I'm doing just fine the way I am and how much time and effort can a shortcut really save me, if I have to pay attention and think about using that shortcut.

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I won't use a rich text editor unless I have no choice because it is faster for me to type a little bit of code than it is for me to figure out what all of the rich text buttons do.

I will try different driving routes if I'm not in a hurry right at that moment but I'm not likely to try and bypass heavy traffic by taking a shot at cutting through a neighborhood or a few side streets unless... I'm not in a hurry. I'm sure TW's GPS, Cherry, hates me because I always ignore her suggestions and stick to my own tried-and-true routes.

I don't use a lot of keyboard shortucts, though CTRL F is my very good friend. CTRL V and CTRL C are, too. I'll use CTRL N when I'm in Evernote, making a lot of lists or writing a series of requirements or posts. I never remember to use CTRL T, but I should. And... that's about it.

I hate it when Outlook forces words to be capitalized, just because they're on a new line or after a period, (some brands, for instance don't capitalize the first letter of their brands. Outlook thinks this is bad.) I have a serious hate relationship with the iPhone and iPad auto-correct, though I don't turn it off because sometimes it is helpful -- or maybe I just like to gripe about it with the rest of the internet.

So maybe it will surprise you that I am in serious love with the iPhone's keyboard shortcuts. It kind of surprises me, too.

It brings me great joy to type #p and have the iPhone know immediately that I want to rant about the #patriarchy.

There's nothing easier than checking in at Starbucks on M/W/F and typing quad and having the iPhone know that I'm ordering a quad grande non-fat caramel macchiato.

Ever had the iPhone or Outlook try and tell you that you BlogHer isn't a word, and suggest something else instead? Or accidentally forget to capitalize the H, causing Elisa to groan out loud? iPhone solves that problem for me with the type of the letters blo.

Best of all, I can tell everyone how awesome Johnny Mac Pippin is without having to type a whole lot of letters. JMP is all I have to type and poof -- the iPhone knows.

Every time I use a keyboard shortcut on my iPhone, and it works, it's like experiencing the magic of the iPhone for the very first time.

Do you use the iPhone's keyboard shortcuts? Which do you use the most?

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