The Iron Stove in My Gut

Sometimes I've pictured a small cast iron stove inside my inner core.  I've seen mine as burning stronger than my mom's, but I've also been aware that it's just not all that strong.  I seem good at stoking it enough to keep going when I need to - good things if I'm working late or getting up early or climbing some neverending mountain, but I'm not so good at actually making it bigger.

The fire in my iron stove is kind of paltry.  It's kind of like those camp fires you have to get down on your knees and blow on, hoping to ignite just one small piece of kindling.  

The last two months, it's felt like the fire that is supposed to be keeping me alert and active and capable and focused has been smothered by ashes.  I've felt a bit burnt out.  I haven't felt burnt out mentally.  Mentally there was so much I wanted to be doing, but just getting through the different parts of the day was taking a good cup of coffee and then the spark was gone.

I'm on Day Nine of this healthy eating only-real-foods process and I tell ya, it's working really well for me.  The tendonitis in my knee is non-noticeable.  The injury is still there, but the obnoxious flaring up and swelling is not.  My sleep is better, even if I'm still waking up multiple times for the kids.  My cold and cough has not developed into asthma attacks.  But overall, I just feel like my energy is better in my mind and inside my body.

Yesterday, I righted our house.  It had pretty much fallen apart the last month and the trails of children's play was strewn everywhere.  But now it's not.  Now we have a staircase again and our laundry is put away and our kitchen is clean and our living room looks pleasant.  Well, technically that should be past tense.  Today is a new day and the onslaught of mess never stops, but now it's a normal mess.

The first week of this process is likened to a hangover as the effects of processed foods and sugars leave your body and as your body adjusts to getting its energy from different food sources.  I have to say that my body is reacting just like I've read about and I'm enjoying being on the other side of that tunnel.

I'm also eating a lot!  And I'm just starting to notice yesterday and today that I don't really want to eat so much.  I'm finding that I'm just kind of done eating.  I'm not full.  I'm just done.  It's kind of like when you wake up and you are just awake and realize you could get up.

This never happened to me before!

I'm also noticing that, safe and secure in my own home, the desire to eat pizza or cheese or tortillas or pastas just doesn't exist.  I think my body is so full of nutrients and real food that it's not subconsciously questing for more foods.  

I travel the next couple days and that will be interesting.  I'm planning on packing hard boiled eggs and sweet potatoes and carrots.  I'll have to figure out other things too, but so far this is the plan and this is what's crazy...none of that ever sounded appealing to me before, but now it does.

When I was counting calories, I might have traveled with things to eat, but it too effort.  This one just feels like setting out on a journey with a stocked bag of good foods.  It's an interesting and pleasant shift going on in my head and body and I think that iron stove inside my gut is just plain stocked a little better with a thicker layer of coal or whatever it uses to keep things going day after day.


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