Irony in Blogland

My blog is new.  I started it at the end of March of this year so very new I suppose.  I started it for several reasons, mostly with thoughts of a book down the road, it seemed like a good place to start.  I think it's doing well, given how young it is and the fact that I don't do as much to "promote" it as I probably should.  I do have regular readers and continue to have new visitors to the blog every day, even if some days it's only a couple.  I secured a guest-blogger spot with a fairly major mom's website within a couple of weeks of starting so that has helped a lot, particularly with my confidence and my comfort level.

The blog itself is extremely personal.  Yes, it's about life with my profoundly autistic son and how his big brother and I often feel like we live on a different planet and I know there are MANY moms out there blogging about the same thing.  Many of the things I post about are very exposing, really laying my life out there for anyone reading to see. Some things I post about I haven't ever really talked about before.  So with all this raw honesty and realism, I thought that there would be more of a response.  I have had a couple of comments here and there but not many.  Even on a subject that I thought for sure would stir up at least some controversy, if nothing else, I got one comment.  That was it. 

So I keep thinking that it's just that I don't have that many readers yet, not everyone is comfortable commenting, etc, etc. Then on Friday last week I threw together a short little "filler" post about how fail I was for taking Josh to school on a day that there was no school.  It took me all of 5 minutes.  Most of my "real" posts take a couple of hours for me to write.  Low and behold it gets comments.  Not vast numbers, but 3 different people commented on that post, which for my blog, is a record.  That one. Not the ones I pour my soul in to, the easy one about my being a ditz.  Really? Really.

How ironic is this?  And what's more, what do I make of it, if anything? Was it just a coincidence that some people who are more comfortable commenting hit my blog that day and that was the post they saw? I can't help but wonder if it's more of a message.  Maybe most of what I write about, though interesting, just isn't relatable enough for most people.  Posting about something I'm sure many other parents have done, was. Makes me question what I'm doing which is something that hasn't happened since I started this. 

I am probably making more of it than I should. Just couldn't help but marvel at the irony of it though, that the post I considered fluff, garnered the most comments to date. 



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