The Irrational Rationalization of Fat Phobia

Today in more totally not surprising news about fat shaming, it turns out that if formerly fat teens develop eating disorders to the point of damaging their health but become “thin”, their eating disorders are completely ignored. Why? Because they don’t have gelatinous thighs anymore and are thus axiomatically healthy, of course! Don’t you people know that skinny is the only sign of health?? Medical professionals know that thin people are always fit as fiddles!


Do you know what really chaps my ass? That even though the article is demonstrating yet ANOTHER example of how fat people are treated like garbage disease-vectors and thin is given a bullshit equivalency with health, there are STILL asshats in the comments concern-trolling. There is the usual FALSE information about fatter people having “having shorter and unhealthier lifespans”, which is taken like fokking Gospel in spite of huge piles of evidence to the contrary, plus the self-aggrandizing ‘worry’ that not treating fat people like vermin is doing them a disservice because OMG we can’t just let those poor fatties die because we failed to shame them thin.

Even more disgusting is the “rational” arguments concern-trolls give to support their fat-hate and disavow science to the contrary. Fat-hat twatwaffles come up with QED gems like: “Obesity cannot be good, in any way, for us (we would all be naturally fat otherwise)”. WTF? Do they not see the logical fallacy?? It is no different -- in essence -- than saying, “Obesity cannot be bad, in any way, for us (we would all be naturally thin otherwise)”. Or how about, “Tobacco cannot give us cancer, or else everyone who smoked would get cancer”? See how damn dumb that is? See what kind of mental contortions people will pretzel themselves into in order to “justify” a prejudice or “excuse” a behavior?

We, as a culture, are so fat phobic we will ignore science, ignore the reality that fat-shaming harms rather than helping, ignore anything that makes fat seem less dangerous than cancer – just so we can attack fat people with our revulsion bias and then claim we are the good guys because we are just trying to help. The hypocrisy alone is enough to make me gag, but the self-righteous delusions also push my vomit buttons pretty hard.

Here is my “concern” for the idiots fat-shaming people. Fat shaming does not show off your “wisdom”, nor does it make you a “caring” person. Indulging in fat shaming simply shows how biased you are and your profound ignorance of sociocultural and medical facts.

So do everyone a solid and STFU, okay?


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