Irreverent Thoughts

It usually happens this time of year.  Although it can happen at other times of the year, the primary indicator is a person suffering from supreme over-commitment.  I call it the “Oklahoma Syndrome” a known malady that inflicts primarily women who agree to far too many things.  We’re just a bunch of girls that can’t say “no.”  Perhaps the holidays bring it on as we try to excel at our careers or motherhood or both, while managing to bake all the traditional recipes that our grandmothers successfully won us over with, organizing the family social calendar and secretly wondering when all this hullabaloo will end.

I find myself cheering on the weatherman tempting him to forecast chances of a record-breaking snowfall and I imagine being trapped at home amid snowdrifts and closed roads.  We survive by sledding down the hills that even the manliest 4x4 all-wheel drive vehicle wouldn’t dare to venture down. We make hot chocolate and build fires.  The adults warm themselves with hot toddies, the kids (yes, even the teenagers) have snowball fights or play fox and geese, and nobody worries about getting back to the city tomorrow.  A hand strokes my face and tells me the rosy glow on my cheeks becomes me and I’m thankful that candlelight can be so faulty and forgiving.

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