Irritating, then enlightening

I'm fairly new to this website, so I am still trying to figure out my way around, but does anyone else have issues with the login not ever remembering their password?? I have to send off for an email to get a new password EVERYTIME I login. I will change the password, then to see if it actually saved it, I will log out and then log back in. It tells me that my password is not valid. Well it is because I JUST CHANGED IT. I don't understand. Is anyone else having this issue??

In other news, I am learning that my sister-in-law, Crystal, is 

A) bad for my money saving skills 


B) too fun.

It's awful really (haha).

We spent the afternoon/evening in Owasso and of course looked at baby boy clothes. It's too much. I can't go anywhere without buying! So I think I'm done buying for quite a while! My money budgetting plan is slowly going out the window! Not good, haha. I really need to find a system that works for me. Do you all have one? What works for you all? I tried the whole "cash flow" system but then it messes up my checking account in a weird way. I deposit money just to have it taken right back out. Am I doing it wrong?

We had dinner at Logan's (which was amazing!). We found this awesome resale shop for kids where you can buy and sell clothes to. We also found her a hotel to stay at while I'm in the hospital. Luckily it's not too far either! 

We had a fun time and I enjoyed actually getting out of the house! However now I'm going to need to buckle down later today (since it's 420am) and get this house in spic-and-span shape for this lovely little addition. I also need to sit down and try to decide if I really want to quit my 8-5 job for a part time job that is more flexible or babysit my lil cousin and clean a house or two. I really can't decide!! Sonny wants me to stay home and take care of the baby but I've never not worked so I'm having trouble. Anyone have advice?? 



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