Isn’t it ironic… don’t you think?

It seems like it was yesterday, but it was really several months ago, that my husband, Marc, and I walked side by side, early one September morning, discussing our upcoming renovation project.


“So, everything is all planned out,” explained Marc.  “First, we are going to remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.  Then we will close up the former doorway and make a proper front door at the front of the house.  Vinny will have to redo the driveway and fix the entrance way.  While he does that, Dean can start installing the windows.  Of course we will need to redo the stucco.  I will have to get David to do that, and when he is done, George will paint.”


“What about the cabinets, stove and dishwasher?” I asked.  “I still can’t believe how much we sold online!”


“Jodi will pick up the stove on Wednesday.  The guy in California who bought the dishwasher is sending someone to ship it on Friday, and the lady with the cabinets is sending her contractor here to remove them the weekend after that.   So once all that is done, I will arrange to have the plumber take out the bathroom.”




“So we can remove the tile floor.   We have to give the contractors a clean and empty room to do the work.  We’ll put everything in the garage from the bathroom and move everything from the kitchen and dining room into the basement or the den.”


“Once they start, how long do you think it will take?” I asked.


“Probably about three to four weeks.”


“And they are starting the end of October, right?”




“So do you think we will be done by Thanksgiving?”


“Not really sure…possibly.”


“What about Christmas?”


“Definitely!  We would need a real catastrophe to cause such a delay…”



If we only knew…. Construction was supposed to start October 29th – the day Sandy hit…  The bathroom, kitchen and dining room was emptied in preparation. Everything was moved to the den and basement which flooded.  Almost all the stuff was destroyed.  Now the basement and den are also emptied, and additional construction is needed….


Yes, that is dirt from the ocean on the floor

Marc’s words of advice – “if you plan on doing renovations, don’t have a hurricane.  And if you plan on having a hurricane, skip the renovations.  Don’t try to do both at the same time…



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