Isn't It Ironic: A One-Man Show About #YesAllWomen

Storyteller Mike Daisey is throwing up a one-man show exploring the hashtag #YesAllWomen next week. I have seen Mike Daisey's work before and I have enjoyed it. He is a masterful storyteller, but this show is leveraging a hashtag and anything he says will be mansplaining. In fact if he were to call the show, "Mansplaining" it would make more sense. You see #YesAllWomen is about women's experiences.  His perspective, no matter how well-meaning, does a disservice. A man especially a straight man cannot comprehend the fear women face due to a possible threat of violence simply by being a woman. Mike Daisey can feel empathetic but he has no personal experience. #YesAllWomen is about the community of women's personal experience and no man can really tell that story.

Mike Daisey has been forgiven for lying to Ira Glass in an interview two years ago about what he witnessed in China as far as labor conditions.  Despite flawed reporting or flowery storytelling, the issue of workers in Chinese factories came to light. For that, Daisey deserves some credit.

However, I don't see how his upcoming show in New York will educate or entertain. I also want to recognize his privilege. It is damn hard to get a show date Joe's Pub, and it's crazy that a female storyteller didn't get a chance to do it.

 UPDATE: I got a tweet from Mike Daisey since I wrote this post.  The title of his show has changed. It is now titled Yes, This Man.


Nichelle Stephens

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