Isopropyl Alcohol Clears Up Your Cleavage (Yes, Really!)

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I have acne prone skin; with the help of a great dermatologist, I cleared up my face, but my chest was another story. No matter what I tried, my chest just kept breaking out, which was a bummer because my face was looking great.

And then I read a column in Lucky Magazine by beauty editor Jean Godfrey-June that changed my world. Godfrey-June recommended treating acne-prone cleavage with isopropyl alcohol -- you know, that stuff you keep in the bathroom to sterilize the needle when you have to dig out a splinter. Treat chest breakouts easily and cheaply: Just swab the affected area twice a day with a cotton ball soaked in the alcohol. I'd tried everything else, so why not try this? You know, in the interest of science. And beauty. And cleaning up my own cleavage. And here's the thing: It totally worked! After two weeks of treating my chest with a swab of isopropyl alcohol twice a day (okay it was really more like once a day because at bedtime it's all I can do to remember to take my contacts out before I fall into bed). After about two weeks, my skin looked great, clear and smooth and perfect, not dry or flaky or any of the things you would think alcohol would do to your skin.

It actually makes a lot of sense to me that this would work; on my face I use a combination of an antibiotic, to control bacteria, and a chemical exfoliant, to slough off the dead skin. The alcohol does essentially the same thing, and puts an end to the breakouts.

I would NOT suggest that you try this on your face; the skin on your face is much more delicate than your chest. I would also use this method with caution; start by testing a small area to make sure that the alcohol isn't going to dry or irritate your skin. But I will say that it totally works, and I'm thrilled with the results.

Hello, V neck sweaters!

Jean Godfrey-June isn't the only Lucky staffer testing out home remedies; Cat Marnell, associate beauty editor, refuses to put condiments on her head. And some of my favorite BlogHers are testing home beauty treatments; Catherine Morgan gave NuFace a whirl, while ClizBiz mulls the fish pedicure.

What's your favorite home beauty remedy?

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