Non-Reactive Parenting Actually Works!

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[Editor's Note: Raise your hand if you've had a wayward block thrown at your head by an innocent toddler? Most of us would agree that our kids weren't intending to give us concussions or deep lacerations with those blocks, right? But head wounds make us react in some pretty strong ways sometimes. Diana at Hormonal Imbalances shared a block-throwing moment, how she chose not to react and what her daughter's reaction was to that. She's pretty much my parenting hero right now. -Jenna]

It's All About Reaction. And Helmets:

Cute kiddo playing with blocksAfter, she sent the blocks sailing with her hands and shrieks of joy at how far they landed. Picking one up again, she glanced at me with a smile. I knew something special was going to happen.

I was right.

She chucked it at my head as hard as she could and then clapped as I keeled over, clutching my forehead.

Thanks to my (read it every night religiously) parenting book Positive Discipline, I didn’t react. I simply sat there for a moment (in pain, those Plan Toy blocks have wicked corners) analyzing what had just happened and what Positive Discipline might suggest. As corny as that sounds, it works. I knew she didn’t do it to be evil (repeat it after me – the smirk on their face is not intentional). So after a moment, I looked up and signed “Hurt” to her. She stopped clapping and looked at me in utter horror.

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