It’s all in a Day’s Work

Thank you, Awkward Black Girl, for making me feel a little less awkward.

When it comes to Issa Rae and The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, I am an undeniable stan. Issa (or “J” on the show) and her cast and crew hilariously and flawlessly write and act out scenarios that directly reflect things that many of us experience in our everyday work lives. The characters are so real and the situations so relatable, each episode makes you LOVL (laugh out VERY loud) and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you’re not the only one who endures such foolishness! This show is a perfect balance of reality and fiction that leaves you wanting more after each episode. My favorite episode so far was number six, "The Stapler". I had a similar experience with scissors, though I didn’t have to go to counseling...wait…I digress...Feel free to e-stalk the Awkward Black Girl crew here and here as well, if you are so inclined. I’m sure they won’t mind :D 


One day last week when I was at work, I was checking my reflection pretty thoroughly in a colleague’s office window to make sure that my hair was in order. I am so consumed with myself and what I am doing, I totally miss the fact that not only is she in her office at the time, but she is having a meeting…with several other people…and they had stopped the meeting completely, waiting for me to finish primping. (In my J voice) Awkward moment. As I try to figure out a way to recover from this awkward moment (in my own mind, because there is really no recovering from this in real life), I walk to the supply office to request some scissors...again. Apparently, there is a scissor bandit on the loose in my office. As I request yet another pair of scissors, I’m given the side-eye by the clerk who has noted so many requests in such a short period of time and feels the need to make me feel uncomfortable amidst all my other non-scissor seeking co-workers. Awkward. I leave the supply office and head back to my own office to grab my purse and head out for a meeting. In the cab on the way over, I notice that my hands feel kinda dry. So I reach in my purse amongst all the free samples I’d collected from a dermatologist’s visit earlier in the week and grab some lotion. Or at least I thought it was lotion. Turns out its face wash. And by face wash, I mean SOAP. You know, the kind that doesn’t rub in?  So there I sit. In the cab. With my boss. And soap all over my hands. Awkward.

After enduring a very sticky meeting (literally, and figuratively) I return to the office, vowing never again to be so greedy with the samples. I pack up my stuff to head home. I swing by the restroom on my way out and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror (the real mirror) only to discover that the buttons on my suit are mis-buttoned. And apparently had been for most of the day…and no one told me. So I'd been walking around looking like ya boi in the picture here. I noticed some stares but I thought it was because I looked cute. Awkward. I head home but not before ordering dinner and running a few errands. I order sushi from the restaurant across the street from my home, where I’m considered a regular. While waiting for it to be prepared, I go get gas and stop by CVS to pick up a few items. I leave CVS, go home, change into my pajamas, and make myself a nice, big bowl of cereal. Full and sleepy, I decide to lay it down for the night. So I crawl into my warm, cozy bed. Just as I start to doze off, I get a call on my BlackBerry which I answer in a stupor without looking at the caller ID…something I never do. “Hi, Ms. Sonya. When are you coming to get your sushi? We’re about to close.” Awkward moment.


After getting in the bed…again…I drift off into a peaceful slumber. Only to be awakened over in the night by a random charley horse!! I stumbled into the kitchen to get water (as if I will be able to instantly re-hydrate myself enough to cure the charley horse right then.) I was so disoriented while pouring the water that approximately 10 percent of it went on the counter. Another 15 percent went on my pajamas. An additional 75 percent went onto the floor. The remaining percentage went into the glass. Yes…your math is correct. Awkward.

But hey, what can I say? For the Magnet for Foolishness, it’s all in a day’s work.

What awkward moments have you had recently…at work or otherwise? Which ABG episode is your favorite? Share with me in the comments section.



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