"This is it."


"Blue Heron Taking in the Sun" by Teresa Cornelio (c) 2009 

“We are forced to speak in metaphors because the process of life is mysterious.  Does it happen right now if right now you are filling your car with gas, changing a baby diaper, or sitting in the dentist’s chair?  Does it unfold to a glorious conclusion on a date you can circle on your calendar?  The mingling of the visible and invisible, the sublime and the distressing, is inescapable.  The only viable attitude you can take is “This is it.”  Sometimes “it” amounts to nothing; you can’t wait for it to end.  Sometimes “it” feels as if the heavens have parted; you can only hope it will last forever.  But “it” is a bird on the wing.  You’ll never catch it.  The miracle is that the greatest creations, such as the brain, were made by chasing after the bird.  We weave ourselves into a tapestry of experience that grows more exalted as time passes, yet each thread is nothing but a wisp of thought, desire, or feeling.  Every moment lived adds another stitch, and even if you cannot envision what the final pattern will look like, it helps to know that the thread is golden.”

Taken fromReinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra

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Everyday we embark on a journey that we hope will give new meaning to why we're here and to hopefully find that which defines who or what we are.  Everyday we seem to find people around us who are struggling to find themselves.  We waste precious quality time looking for what we already have.  Look within yourselves and realize you were never really lost and need not be found. 

Lance's latest post in the Jungle of Life reminds us that within every journey we have so much to gain and I strongly believe that to be true.  This excerpt from Deepak Chopra reminds us that we don't have to see an end or a "final pattern".  It is best to continue the process of growing and maturing in this journey with no end because the fact is, every day is a day of discovery and a day of personal growth.

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