It all started with GRATITUDE.... my life is CHANGING...GRATITUDE is THAT POWERFUL


Funny thing happened on my way to write a book, I opened myself to really appreciating myself.  Now this may sound like a little thing to many.  But to me, a lady that often dismissed her own achievements, it is HUGE.

For years I put myself down - verbally in front of a mirror.  Oh this was not a good idea.  For what you say to yourself has great POWER.  This was basically, do I dare to admit, was self abuse.  Whenever things went wrong, I blamed me.  Didn't matter if it was someone else's responsibility or not.  I took the blame and laid it on my heart.  After years of doing this (and feeling that maybe others agreed), I really had to relook at what I was doing.  It was time to make some changes.

It started with gratitude.  Just listing 5 things per day that I was thankful for.  This was a major plus as it made me appreciate so many blessings and good things that were all right in front of me.

As this gratitude expression became more and more natural, I started to add more little methods of adding goodness to my life.  And in stepped......go to BE LOVE link below and Click to Look Inside....

I hope you will find some growth and little lessons that can UPLIFT you or someone you love. I am convinced that my process helped me and it can help others too.  Take a moment and discover if this resonates with you.

Blessings to all.


author of BE LOVE on kindle


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