It's All Sweet Until You Hit Level 350 on Candy Crush


You didn't think I was going to write every day in November without at least one post about Candy Crush, did you? It would probably be impossible. Especially when I have been stuck on a level for what feels like forever, and I have to talk about it with someone who will really care. Or someone whose eyes I can't see rolling as the words Candy Crush leave my lips.

What is this dastardly level that is holding me captive? Level 350. It is the last level in the Pearly White Plains world, and as with all other worlds, the last level is always one of the hardest.

Candy Crush

Coming to you again to whine and complain about Candy Crush seems a little wrong. I'm the one who chooses to play this game, not you. I'm the one who can't crush the candies, not you.


What if you can't crush the candies?

What if you are the person who is stuck on level 107level 162level 265, or some other horrible Candy Crush level? I have been there, and I remember how much I secretly hated giving tickets to my friends who had passed ahead of me. I now realize, for those of you who are stuck behind me, these Candy Crush updates and pleas for help read less like whining and more like bragging.

Look at me! I'm on level 350! I'm about to pass into a new Candy Crush world! I'm the Candy Crush Master! Just call me Queen Candy Crush, and drop a Kit Kat into the bowl next to my throne after you curtsy.

Which makes me wonder: which is worse, whining or bragging?

Because it seems I'm doing both.

I'm stuck. Level 350 might just be the last level for me. I'm this close to quitting today. Or tomorrow. By the weekend for sure.

I can quit anytime I want.

What level of Candy Crush has you stuck?

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