It came today, my short term disability papers....

It came today,my papers for my short term disability claim. Wow,what a feeling, a feeling of um I am not sure. It made me more aware of something, I can't get paid for it and they don't have to give me my job back. A bit of fine print that I think people overlook or misread all together.A fact I am well aware of in Fl, in fact that is how my husband lost his job almost 5 years ago with Jp Morgan. Right to work state, isn't it lovely? When I got my job I of course was pregnant and well aware that FMLA and short term wouldn't go into effect for me. I was ok with that as my previous employer didn't offer it at all. Thank God I was putting money away for the baby and maternity leave. However, I was never thinking something would go wrong like it did. And leave me in a state of slight financial panic as well as major baby panic. My pregnancy was good until that Monday. Here I am now stuck on my bed like a fitted sheet wondering what will happen at 36 weeks or after the baby is here. I was assured my job would still be there but so too did my husband hear the same. As did a friend of mine's daughter. Turn in the paperwork to go back to work and all will be well. Nope, both lost jobs.

So,yeah it worries me a bit, considering I haven't been there long and can be easily replaced.  I wonder what will happen,makes me hate even more my being on bedrest. No doubt this is adding stress to my dear husband, and I feel awful because he works so hard.It makes me think about anyone else going through this.Maybe not for pregnancy complications but for something else, how are you handling it? On top of all these thoughts is the struggle of our home purchase. The icing on the cake, yes. Hopefully it isn't the straw that breaks the camel's


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