It Can't be Just Me Mondays

I think I'm going to start a new series entitled "It Can't Be Just Me" Mondays.
In traditional Festivus-style Airing of Greivances, I will introduce something that bothers me and then explain why. It'll be a ball of fun. (Plus, the majority of my friends think I'm ridiculously positive [is that possible?] so this will be a good medium to show that I get annoyed too!)
It can't be just me who is bothered by these.
So, I introduce:
It Can't be Just Me Monday: Moms who make Facebook into a popularity contest.

Listen, we're all glad to be out of high school. I loved high school; I was involved in student leadership, was a cheerleader (oh, like you're surprised), played two sports, and had a good group of friends.
But it's over.
Nobody cares about popularity unless you're a celebrity who Googles themself (and you know that's a bad idea, because everybody hates something about you regardless of if you're in the public eye or not).
"'Like' Generic Photography’s Facebook Page and comment on my kid’s picture and we could win a photo shoot worth $50,000!" I'm all for promotion on the photographer's part, but spamming your friends so they'll "like" a photo of little Susie is just obnoxious, especially if you have done it more than once.And yeah, your kid is pretty cute, but I promise you there are about a million other kids cuter than yours (and a million that are uglier, but that’s not nice). "Voting" becomes a popularity contest for moms to see how many friends they have willing to "vote," and that's just soooo high school.
[If you have the cutest kid, the photographer will capitalize on a good business opportunity and contact you, so please chill it out.]

It can't be just me who hates this.




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