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Its about time for the VP nods to be unveiled. In fact, John McCain is likely to steal thunder from Barack's trip to the Middle East by announcing his running mate this week:

Sources close to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign are suggesting he will reveal the name of his vice presidential selection this week while Sen. Barack Obama is getting the headlines on his foreign trip. The name of McCain's running mate has not been disclosed, but Mitt Romney has led the speculation recently.

Romney? Whatever. Despite oodles of speculation that John McCain will pick someone suspiciously like him (though less old), it seems that, among the top contenders for the second in command slot, there are quite a few women. In fact, its widely speculated that John McCain will select a female running mate.

Its hardly surprising. Despite the Republican Party's reputation as the party of men, there are quite a few women who are more than qualified for the slot as second in command. In fact, I'd venture so far as to say that some of the women being considered are far better than the men who happen to make news. Mike Huckabee? Yuck. I vote Republican so that I don't have to worry about government intervention in my life. Mitt Romney? Isn't he kind of the same as McCain?

Hopefully, instead, McCain picks one of these lovely ladies:

Sarah Palin: Sarah is the somewhat libertarian governor of the state of Alaska. Mom to five, including one newborn with Downs Syndrome, Sarah is a longtime veteran of politics, starting at the local level and working all the way up to her current position at the helm of one of America's largest states and one of the world's largest economies. Sarah would be an excellent choice: she's experienced (though not at the federal level, something that's probably a plus nowadays), she's beautiful, and she's the right mix of ideology; she understands what it means to put religious principles into practice -- not too extreme and not too interested in letting it seep into her governmental philosophy. She's at the forefront of one of the most pertinent issues, as well. As governor of Alaska, its her wilderness (ANWR) that could be home to domestic oil drilling if John McCain is elected. She's been on television lately, publicly defending the idea that Americans need to "drill here, drill now."

Marsha Blackburn: She's experienced as the Congresswoman from Tennessee, and she's been conservative (reliably so) for her entire career. Not only has she been better received by conservatives than McCain, she's managed to stay quite popular even though Congress has been on the way down for years now, mostly by being on the right side of all of the issues that the conservative base that McCain's struggling to court. She's also just experienced enough to make her more experienced than the man McCain seeks to beat in the election, but not so experienced that she reeks of old school politics.

Kay Bailey Hutchison: Kay is much more like McCain that most of the electorate is probably comfortable with, but she's got strong experience and she's from a state that, while reliably Red, is still Southern enough to potentially deliver an entire block of states that tend to hate McCain for his stance on illegal immigration. Of course, Kay is also on the wrong side of that issue as far as Republicans are concerned, so while she may be a pretty decent choice, she's not nearly as good as the former two.

Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman: There's been a lot of speculation both of these ladies were moved closely into the McCain campaign in order to train them to be potential running mates. Carly is politically experienced, but not necessarily in public office. Marsha, on the other hand, lacks any political experience, but has experienced where it counts slightly more: management. As the CEO of eBay, she ran something much more difficult to control than a country -- a giant conglomeration of tech geeks and amateur salespeople. McCain would do well to select someone who could manage the country OUT of an economic crisis and not back into one, and who better to do that than someone who managed a huge company to remarkable profits?

Personally, I'd be most happy with Sarah Palin. She just has the kind of personality that would attract me to the McCain ticket. Marsha Blackburn, however, is the better choice.

Of course, we'll see by the end of this week...hopefully its not Mike Huckabee. That's all I ask.

There are plenty of others who are just as interested in this topic. Kim Priestap at WizbangBlog would also be really happy with Sarah Palin. Stacy at Smart Girl Politics examines how the right choice (Sarah Palin, again) would enliven the conservative base and attract them to John McCain's currently unsatisfying campaign, and Volvo Driving Soccer Mom at the Lehigh Valley Political Blog is considering whether the almost inevitable scenario of John McCain selecting a female Veep would convince her to vote for McCain over Barack Obama.


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