Is It Ever Too Late for Christmas Socks?

As I reached for my Christmas socks this morning, I wondered if I should be reaching for them at all. When is it no longer the season to wrap your feet in Santa and his reindeer? I realize that Christmas sweaters are definitely a no-no once the new year starts but socks seem like a different story, especially when the socks in question are gray and pink, not the traditional red and green.

The problem is that I only have a four pairs of socks, the blue ones, the white ones, the pink ones, and the Christmas ones. I could blame that on the fact that I live in Florida and spend most of my days in sandals, but I only moved to Florida a few months ago. When I lived in England I still only had four pairs of socks.

Picture this ... you walk into your local giant we-sell-everything store and there is a mass array of products before you. There is a department for everything, cinnamon rolls, Chia pets, televisions as wide as the widest wall in your living room, and shirts covered in sparkles. There is also an entire section for knicks knacks, doodads, and thingy ma bobs. Oh yeah, did I mention that there is a section for socks?  

When faced with this kind of choice where in the store do you want to go? I'm headed right for the cinnamon rolls and sparkly shirts. Maybe on my way out I'll check out the doodads and thingy ma bobs, but I'0m not going anywhere near the socks.

No one sees them anyway. Socks are less like an article of clothing and more like a duster for your floor. They should be in the cleaning supplies aisle.


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