It Has Been Twenty-Four Years, But I Am Voting This November 2012!

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It has been 24 years since I took the plunge and went to cast my vote for a President. But, for better or for worse, I have decided that this year, 2012, I am voting and putting my trust in one of our running nominees. Though I am only one in the millions voting, I must believe that my one vote will make a difference!

For many years, my husband and I believed that our vote wouldn’t matter, but we have since decided that we cannot complain if we haven’t taken a stand for a side. Also, we have not believed in any of the candidates available then, but this year we strongly believe that we need to cast our lot.

For a change, we have a candidate we feel we can relate to, someone that will stand up for the average American, especially during these difficult economic times. And, for a change, there seems to be a clear-cut difference between candidates.

Listening to Mrs. Obama speak, who speaks for her husband, President Obama, really touched me to the core. She has convinced me; she speaks to the American family and for the American family.

The last time Mr. Obama ran, my husband and I were still feeling unrepresented, but after paying attention and following his dedication and effort these past four years, we are giving him our vote this time around.

Whoever you decide to vote for this election year let it be the choice of your heart and intellect, but get out there and vote!!

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