It isn't about Obama.

It's about You.

It's about millions of people just like You. People who are being inspired. Being engaged. For perhaps the first time in their lives, feeling like they are a part of Something. Something they'll tell their grandchildren about. Something that will be legendary. Something that will change America, and change the world.

And it's not going to be because Obama is in the White House.

It's going to be because You put him there.

You got out there and you participated. You made phone calls. You canvassed. You donated. You talked to your family and your friends and your enemies and perfect strangers about wanting Change. About being tired of partisan politics tearing your neighbourhoods and your country apart. About believing that you have the power to change everything.

This election isn't about Republican vs. Democrat. This election is about people who believe in the power they hold to change the world.

This video isn't about Obama. It's about everyone else in the video who believes in what Obama represents.

If you believe in that power, then I beg you: Please, please, please vote. Go now. Go stand in that line. Don't let anybody stop you. Don't walk away if it's cold or raining or long. Don't get frustrated if someone tries to tell you you don't need to be there. You do need to be there. Because today, America can change the world. And it starts with you.

We're watching.

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