Is it just "hazing"? Is it the nature of the beast ? Or just plain and simple bullying???

How many of you wake up and watch the news before you go to work?

How many of you come home from work and turn on the news?

 That's my hubby but his news channel isn't a news channel at all....ESPN is his news. Seriously I'm not joking.. 6:40 am to about 7:20am Sports center, 5:30pm to ?? (time depends on  the day of the week) channel surfing through ALL ESPN channels (let me tell you there’s a lot of them), weekends- forget it, sports all day!!!! I tend to know more about whats going on in sports than most of the women I know. But to be honest I have ALWAYS loved sports. I'm even wearing a Gator shirt right now!!! And this mama is in 1st place in our family's little football pool!! 87 games picked right so far this season, BOOM!!!  LOL our daughter is in 2nd.


Well because of my hubby's Sports Center and anything related to ESPN obsession, I have been sucked into whats going on with the Miami Dolphins and a situation that is being referred to as bullying by some or hazing by others. If you haven't heard about it, let me give you a quick rundown of what has gone down......


On October 30, 2013 Jonathan Martin(#71) walked out on the Dolphins after an “alleged” cafeteria incident involving Richie Incognito (#68) and some other players sitting at a table. Allegedly, this group of players proceed (all together) to get up from the table when Martin (who was the last one to get to the table) sat down. We have since learned this is not the only time Martin has been subject to this kind of behavior. He has “allegedly” received voice mails from Incognito which include threats of violence and racial slurs. Incognito has since been suspended indefinitely. Because of all that has come out this past week of “allegedly”:  acts of hazing, Incognito being told to tough Martin up, Martin being told to punch Incognito..... Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, has hired lawyer Ted Wells to head a special committee to investigate what has really gone on behind those locker room doors in Miami. There has been many supporters who have come out for both sides. Some saying this is bullying. Others say its just NFL locker room culture. Well you want to know what I think.... Even if you didn’t, you are going to get it.


First let me say..... WOW thank you to Incognito and those other players for transporting me back to the middle school lunchroom with that prank. REALLY, that’s all you GROWN men could come up with. Something I haven’t seen since middle school. I really thought the NFL was full of grown men playing a grown man's game. Not a bunch of snotty nose six grade bullies.



I don’t understand that the team is backing Incognito on all levels. I am so sorry but if my teammate had “allegedly” used racial slurs and threatened to kill another player, I wouldn’t be saying “Oh its nothing. Martin knew it was meant in the good nature of toughing one soft player up”. And oh, if a coach of any capacity told Incognito to toughen Martin up (which is also being “alleged”), he is just as much to blame. But then again, there are other ways to toughen someone up besides breaking them down. And So damn what, if Martin is a little soft by your standards. And who the hell determines who's soft or hard to begin with? Damn if the man is doing his job on the field who cares if he cries every now and then.... not saying that’s what happened here, just an example.


To me this whole situation is screaming that Incognito is nothing more than a bully and the Dolphins have done what every school before the present winds of change has done, covered it up. Well like they say “everything done in the dark will eventually come to light”. Martin was finally fed up with putting up with it and did what he thought was the best way to handle the situation. Every bullied person finally gets to a point where they just decided that the situation isn’t worth being in anymore. Its “alleged”  that Martin ended up in the hospital due to emotional stress.  Some aren’t as lucky as to remove themselves from the situation like Martin did. Some end the bullying by ending their lives. Its a sad statistic of how many teens have committed suicide due to bullying of all kinds.

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