It may not be ADHD. It may be Red Dye 40.

Yes, I'm on my high horse again about food dye. Can't say enough bad things about it (which doesn't mean I can always avoid it). My kids hate that I make them read the ingredients on fruit snacks to look for food dye, but I know that I'll reap the consequences if I let them eat anything with unnatural food coloring.

I ran across this article about a mom who thought her son had ADHD, until she eliminated Red Dye 40 from his diet. Her son sounds just like my daughter in terms of getting hyper and snide and even a bit aggressive after eating something with the dye.

So why is the FDA still allowing it when the UK passed a law saying that food manufacturers who include Red Dye 40 in their product had to include a warning label that says it may cause hyperactivity? Surely that would help us, and maybe even make more parents aware. Plus, my kids wouldn't need to squint at the small print of the ingredients anymore.


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