Is it my mind or is what I think I say what I really am seeing?

So it starts like this, I am a young female, 22 to be specific. Ever since I can remeber I always hated my body and the way I look. I was never ever really overweight but I just always felt as if I was. I till this day won't wear even just a regualr tank top because of the fact that I don't want the tightness to outline what I call "my gut". It's embarassing and very frusturating. I've gone to the gym, tried different diets, and I just seem to not get where I want to get. I hate my stomach. I just want it to be flat. To the point where I can actually walk outside in a tight tank top with my head held high and more confident then ever. My family tells me that it's all in my head & that I'm crazy. But I personally feel like I am at the point to where I NEED to do something to about it and get my belly fat away. Any advice on anything I can do? Diets? Juicing? does juicing actually work?

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